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JEWELLERY | THE HORSE | understated luxury of real craftsmanship

THE HORSE is a family run label residing in Sydney focusing on shoemaking and watches. Scott & Amy who are the 4th generation of shoemakers produce leather pieces that shows real artisanship, not tricked-up by trends. Elegant and classic – understated luxury of real craftsmanship.

THE HORSE | Polished Steel : White Face with Rose Gold Indexing Watch 1THE HORSE | Matte Black : Vegetable Tan Leather Watch FACTORY OF FASHIONTHE HORSE | Polished Steel : White Face : Vegetable Tan Watch1

THE HORSE | Rose Gold : Black Face : Black Leather Watch FACTORY OF FASHIONTHE HORSE - loGOTHE HORSE | All Black Watch 1

THE HORSE | Matte Black : Tan Leather Watch FACTORY OF FASHIONTHE HORSE | Brushed Rose : Walnut Leather Watch FACTORY OF FASHIONTHE HORSE WATCH

Fashion Revolution Day | #whomademyclothes?

Have you noticed a few people around or on social media wearing their clothes reversed last year? Well that time of the year comes again TOMORROW – 24th April – the day that marks the second anniversary of the Rana Plaza disaster in Dhaka, Bangladesh, which killed 1133, and injured over 2500 people.
Fashion Revolution Day FACTORY OF FASHION
The idea behid the Fashion Revolution Day initiative is for people around the world to challenge global fashion brands to demonstrate commitment to transparency across the length of the value chain, from farmers to factory workers, brands to buyers and consumers – by us asking #whomademyclothes?
“Buying is only the last step in a long journey involving hundreds of people: the invisible workforce behind the clothes we wear. We no longer know the people who made our clothes so therefore it is easy to turn a blind eye and as a result, millions of people are suffering, even dying.” (Carry Somers, Fashion Revolution co-founder)
One in six people worldwide work in the global fashion supply chain. It is the most labour dependent industry on the planet, yet the people who make our clothes are hidden from us, often at their own expense, a symptom of the broken links across the fashion industry.
Orsola de Castro, co-founder said: “Fashion Revolution is about building a future where an accident like this never happens again. We believe knowing who made our clothes is the first step in transforming the fashion industry. Knowing who made our clothes requires transparency, and this implies openness, honesty, communication and accountability. It’s about re-connecting broken links and celebrating the relationship between shoppers and the people who make our clothes, shoes, accessories and jewellery – all the things we call fashion.”
Sounds like something you’d like to take part in? Then here’s how:
Take a selfie with the label in your clothing showing, send it to a brand via social media, asking ‘who made my clothes?’ #whomademyclothes and share their reply. Add hashtag #factoryoffashion if you’d like your photo to be added on our social media.

FACTORY OF FASHION - Fashion Revolution Day 2015

Tens of thousands of people across the globe did this last year and more are expected to take part in the campaign this April. FACTORY OF FASHION <#factoryoffashion> will certainly do their best to support the idea!
Feel like socialising? Find Fashion Revolution event in your local area here!