the traditions of East and West coming together

Were did we find these cuties? In the Nepal Projects; an initiative launched by MENU provides fair employment and future opportunities in one of the world’s poorest countries by combining traditional fabric working skills with a current Scandinavian design aesthetic.
Its production takes place in the Kathmandu area, where it employs hundreds of weavers, tailors and other local craftspeople. The design process happens in collaboration with various designers. The Stockholm-based Taiwanese design duo Hung-Ming Chen and Chen-Yen Wei at Afteroom designed these teddies. Teddy_Afteroom_Nepal_Sand.jpg
Afteroom is an advocate of the traces of time. Their mission is simply to create beautiful products which will add value over time – design to grow old with. The inspiration derives from an intriguing interest of forms, senses, proportions, materials and cultures. The philosophy pivots around simplicity and honesty.Teddy_Afteroom_Nepal_Light_Grey.jpg
“Nepal Projects grew from our desire to use Menu as a platform for making a positive difference. Many young Nepali women from poor families risk being lured into prostitution. Through education of children and employment of young women we offer a sound and viable alternative. The Nepal Projects is our way to celebrate great craftsmanship, while helping vulnerable workers secure a better future for themselves and their families.” – Bjarne Hansen, owner & founder of Menu A/S.Teddy_Afteroom_Nepal_Dark_Grey.jpg